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This is a library of miscellaneous software utilities related to the control systems area. All code is copyright © C.Muirden for Atrax Control Pty Ltd, however it is supplied here free of charge and without restrictions on use.

name description file
 Protocol Analyser  This is a DOS program which allows you to eavesdrop on half-duplex serial comms using a single serial port. This was originally a very simple program developed for personal use, but has since grown to include autobauding, time stamping and save to file. The program has been split into two parallel versions: PA.COM, which uses 8086 code only, and PA586.COM which uses the Pentium Time Stamp Counter to provide more accurate timing information. pa.zip (14 KB)
pa.com (V1.50 1998)
pa586.com (V2.01 1998)
Citect Pallette Editor Citect
 Palette Editor 
This is a Windows application that allows you to modify the palette in versions 3, 4 and 5 of Citect. This palette editor has a number of extra features over the built-in editor in V5, including the ability to create flashing colours. cpe.zip (25 KB)
cpe.exe (V2.04 1997)
MS DOS DOS Utilities  A number of miscellaneous utilities which run under MS-DOS. There's a simple but powerful menu program, a file find utility with many useful features, utilities for checking and setting serial port settings, and for taking the CRC-32 and MD5 of files. If you still use Allen Bradley 6200 programming software, there's a small TSR which can be used to prevent it from beeping every time you do anything at all. dosutils.zip (13 KB)
beep.com (V1.0 1995)
crc-32.com (V1.0 1993)
ff.com (V1.72 1998)
md5.com (V1.0 1995)
menu.com (V1.6 1995)
now.com (V1.0 1993)
setbaud.com (V1.2 1993)
showport.com (V2.61 1995)
showvesa.com (V1.1 1997)