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This is a library of miscellaneous documents related to the control systems area. Except where stated, all documents are copyright © C.Muirden for Atrax Control Pty Ltd, however they are supplied here free of charge and without restrictions on use.

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 Cable Details 
Connection details for 10BaseT and 100BaseT ethernet cables GIFGIF Image 10baset.gif 12 KB
 19 Inch Rack
Chart showing details of the 19 inch rack standard. PDFAdobe PDF
1 x A4 page
19inch.pfd 66 KB
DXFAutocad DXF
1 x A4 page
19inch.dxf 57 KB
 Conitel Protocol
Document describing the Conitel protocol used by Leeds and Northrup SCADA systems. PDFAdobe PDF
23 x A4 pages
conitel.pdf 127 KB
 CRC Guide  Document describing usage and implementation of CRC algorithms. All work is Copyright © Ross Williams, 1993. TXTText File crc.txt 88 KB
 IP Ratings  Chart showing the 3 digit IP (Ingress Protection) Code. PDFAdobe PDF
1 x A4 page
ip_rate.pfd 108 KB
DXFAutocad DXF
1 x A4 page
ip_rate.dxf 100 KB
 RS-232-C Details  Pinout and hardware details for RS-232-C PDFAdobe PDF
1 x A4 page
rs232.pdf 12 KB
 Colour Codes 
Chart showing most common thermocouple cable colour codes GIFGIF Image thermo.gif 31 KB