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atrax control pty ltd

ACN:  077 696 069
ABN:  45 077 696 069

Atrax Control is an independent systems house formed in March 1997. It is based in Brisbane (Queensland, Australia).

Atrax Control performs systems integration work. This means control system design, PLC programming, GUI configuration, and writing software for industrial applications. Our rates for this work are very competitive. The company's speciality is in those annoying areas of control where off-the-shelf solutions don't do the job. In particular: communications interfaces between incompatible devices, unusual control algorithms, (occasionally) reverse engineering and generally taking over long after the average "electrical contractor who can program a PLC" leaves off. We're as willing to write code in assembler as we are in PLC ladder or VB.

Perhaps you've got an old PLC or PC based system that needs some changes. The only person who understood how it worked has left the company, and everyone else is afraid to touch it. Perhaps your local PLC dealer has told you that something can't be done, or will cost you the earth. Perhaps the expensive consultants who managed your latest turnkey project have left you with a big mess, and are hiding behind legalistic interpretations of the spec. Consider giving us a call.

We are not allied to any particular manufacturer. nor do we specialise in any particular industry.